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The Story of the Rack

Not too long ago, the Covered 6 team needed a secure weapons rack in our office for a long rifle. After an extensive search, we realized that there were very few products in the market and all of them were based on the “box” or key activated locking mechanism. After some R&D and a few favors, the first commercial rack was born.

Since then, the rack has evolved into something even more formidable. With the input of tactical operators and industry fabricators, the 2012  “Ready Rack” has arrived. By incorporating state of the art electronics and proprietary design, the RTD rack has achieved speed, reliability and function like never before. The RTD rack is the solution for home defense, military, law enforcement and private security weapons storage applications.

The RTD Rack is perfect for guard posts, front desks, vehicle trunk storage, closets, offices, businesses and much more.  The mounting capabilities are limited only by the user and can be customized or expanded to multi-gun configurations. The RTD Rack is ultra-reliable because it uses technology like the proven “Santa Cruz” Universal Handcuff style lock, which is currently securing weapons in thousands of police vehicles. The RTD Rack is “fast” because it is designed with three redundant activation mechanisms. Programmable Electronic Code, FOB, Key Override, and optional Biometric models are available. Our “back-up” feature is our competitors only option!

For more information, pricing, availability, demo models, installation and or custom racks please contact one of our expert consultants.  


  •  Proven Santa Cruz Lock  AC or DC Power Options
  •  Code, Key, RFID Card Capability 
  •  Steel Construction 
  •  Anti-Tamper Alarm Option
  •  Battery Saver Power Cut-off  "Patrol Ready"Weapon Storage
  •  500-1000 user programmable
  •  AR-15 Security Plate
  •  Data Logging and Networking Capable Customized models
  •  Multi-gun configuration Fits Variety of rifles 
  •  Made in the USA 
  •  Versatile Mounting Options
  •  Patent Pending
  • Two and Single rifle models
  • Custom configurations | Bio-metrics