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Gun Rack FAQ

General Questions

  1. If I install the rack in my car will it drain my battery?

    The RTD rack operates at 12V 5 amps and draws miliamps. If left on for indefinite periods of time, it will drain the battery like any other device in the car. We have installed a manual "cut-off" switch if user decides to go away for extended periods.

  2. Can I install the rack myself?

    We designed the RTD rack to be easily installed in the home or workplace. However, if you do not have a background for it, a vehicle install can be tricky depending on where it is placed. Many of our customers simply pay a professional to install in the vehicle. If you have any questions, we will explain the home install or wall mounting process.

  3. How much does the RTD rack weigh?

    The RTD rack with the "armor plate" for the AR 15 is approx. 25 lbs. It is made of solid steel because we wanted it to be beefy!

  4. What are the legalities of carrying it in your car?

    Every state's laws differ. It is best to consult a local expert or review your local firearms laws regarding the safe and legal transportation and storage of weapons.

  5. Is it on the DOJ approval list?

    No. We do not intend to seek DOJ approval since this rack was NOT designed to completely prevent access to the trigger of a weapon. The RTD rack is intended for professionals who are responsible with the condition of the weapon before it is placed in to the rack. The rack WILL prevent a safe weapon from chambering a round, but if one is in the chamber (unsafe condition) when placed into to the rack then it is entirely the fault of the owner/operator.

  6. What warranty is it under?

    We offer a one year limited warranty on the RTD rack. It is hard to offer full coverage since there are so many variables as to where the rack can be mounted. Covered 6 will honor all replacements due to malfunction and factory defect not resulting from user caused damage.

  7. What kinds of firearms can it hold; compatible with?

    The RTD rack was designed specifically to secure AR 15 and pump/semi auto shotguns. However, the rack also holds a variety of long rifles and other weapons. The RTD Rack has limited adjustability built into the system.

  8. How do I program it?

    It is very simple to program the RTD Rack. A complete manual walking the owner through the process is included. With the touch of a few buttons, the user can program hundreds of FOBs and assign users. During business hours we will be happy to walk someone through the process.

  9. What if there is no power or if the power goes out?

    If there is a power outage then the user reverts to our competitions only option...a key override.

  10. Can you send a demo model over?

    We do not supply demo models. In limited circumstances we can arrange a demo at one of national dealer locations.

  11. Can we buy them in different colors?

    We will be releasing new colors like "Camo" for outdoor use on ATVs and Utility vehicles.

  12. With the rifle installed, what are the dimensions?

    The length varies based on the rifle. The dimensions of the rack are approximately 5" wide, 12" tall (from base), and 24" long.

  13. What is the battery life on the key FOB?

    The FOB is good for thousands of activations. Replacement FOBs or RFID cards can be purchased almost anywhere they are sold. The user just need to make sure they are in te same frequency range as the reader on the rack.

  14. What size handguard will the handcuff lock fit?

    The RTD rack uses the tested Santa Cruz lock which enables the user to secure a variety of handgaurd sizes. However, some size handguard do not fit. Contact us and see if your rifle's handguard is too big.

  15. How does the alarm work?

    The RTD rack key pad comes with a "Anti-Tamper" alarm function. It will activate if someone tampers with the key pad or tried to remove the face.

  16. Are there any remote features on the keypad?

    The keypad has a "utility button" which can be assigned to a device in such as passenger access to the trunk release. This will have to be assigned in advanced settings and programming.

  17. What are the dimensions?

    The RTD Rack is L 25" x H 8" x W 4.5"

  18. How much does it weigh?

    The rack weighs 24lbs (without rifle)

  19. Data Logging Capable

    Yes. The RTD Rack is the first ever network capable weapons storage system that can be scaled. The rack will control access, log data, and information stored on hard drive.

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