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Ready Rack RTD-H1


This is the "horizontal" model (RTD -H1) which can be mounted on any flat surface either in a vehicle or on the wall.

As with all the RTD models, the key pad can be remotely mounted by wire in vehicles and hidden areas. This is a "custom" feature that requires a pre-order from the factory.

Mounting this rack is simple. There are three "key holed" type holes in the spine of the rack which accept screws that are finished from the front. Three wall mounting screws are included with every rack.

Kit includes:

1. User Manual

2. (2) Key FOBs

3. Mounting Screws (wall)

4. Special Tool for hardware (no assembly required)

5. Power Supply (wall plug)

This rack also comes in a variety of colors which can be oredered under a "custom" ticket.


IN STOCK NOW...large orders of 10 or more require 6-8 week lead time.

Please specify the make and model of the firearm you wish to secure.

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